Ondanks dialyse toch genieten van een vakantie.

Holiday dialysis

When you want to go on yourholiday, we are happy to help you arrangreliable dialysis addresses at home and abroad. We will take care of your reservation and coördinate your holiday dialysis, so you don’t have to contact us yourself. You can visit our Dutch clinics in Amstelveen, Gorinchem, Kerkrade, Winterswijk and Woerden. It is also possibleto travel further away to for example Africa, Asia or South America. Elyse is part of B. Braun and has more than 300 dialysis centers worldwide where you can go to.

Click here for an overview of all our dialysis centres worldwide.
Your wishes are important to us, that way we can provide the best care for you. and enable you to travel carefree. In order to arrange everything properly, the application for the holiday dialysis must be submitted 1 month in advance.

Do you want more information? You can send an email to vakantiedialyse@elyseklinieken.nl,call 088 633 76 00or fill in the form on the right.

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